Build A World-Changing Product
"Winning Product Launches Start With A 
Winning Product Idea."

Successful companies don't leave product development up to chance. Ready to learn how to spot your next winning product?

"How Do You Develop and Launch A Winning Product? 
First, Identify A Winning Product...!"

From Mike Hill
CEO, Hill Innovative Solutions

Dear Friend,

Are you trying to figure out if your product idea is truly worth the investment or trying to figure out which product to launch next? 

You see, thousands of products are being launched every day. But how can you tell if your product idea is a WINNER?

Well, the first step to having a successful product launch is to identify a winning product! 

We have over 20 years experience designing, developing and launching products in the aerospace, industrial equipment, medical device, and sporting goods industries.

Make The Unknown Known
...Get a clear picture of what your customers want
"The New Product Identification and Planning Framework"
- Learn About The Marketability Of Your Product Idea

- Understand Project Planning Including Specifications, Budgets And Timelines

- Create A Clear Path Forward Minimizing Risks
I have seen too often companies struggle to grow organically with new product development

This framework will help with completing your projects on time, on budget, and managing your resources for optimal returns. 

Keep Your Business Moving Forward

"Is Your Idea Good Enough?"

~ Are Your Customers Really Willing to Pay For All Those Features? 

~ Is There Already a Similar Product on Market?  

~ Are Your Competitors Already Working on the Same Thing? 

~ What Do Your Customers Really Want? 

Why Elevate Your Business To The Next Level? Because...

~ New Products Lead To Organic Growth

~ New Products Lead To Innovative Cultures

~ New Products Create New Opportunities

"Expand and Grow Your Product Offerings"

"Identify Winning Products..."

~Reduce your risks on products that sell

~Know your specifications, costs, and timeline

"Failing to plan is planning to fail..."

~No more shooting in the dark

~No more hoping for success

Identify A Winning Product Framework
"Identify Your Winning Product Framework!"
~Grow, Evolve and Reach The Next Level

~Instantly Know The Marketability of Your Product 

~Achieve Business Growth

~Have A Clear Plan and Path Forward

~Better Manage Your Risks
"Are You Ready To Find Winning Products?"
If so, then click on the link below and begin to learn 
the ingredients to success!

~Instantly Download The "Identifying A Winning Product Framework"

~Get Exclusive Access To The "Members Only" Area

~Watch Video Tutorials on How To Get Started

"Reduce Your Risk and Win the Product Development Battle..."
Get the best end result and start learning about how to identify and develop a winning product!
For Only $7.00
Yes... for about the price of a gourmet coffee, you can get access to a framework that took over a decade to create... 

YES Mike! Give Me Instant Access To The Identifying a Winning Product Framework And Training RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
The Foundation for A Solid Product Development Process
Fact is...
Developing Products Can Be Hard...
Users Use The Framework To Understand The Path Forward
Get a complete guide to identifying and developing great products...
  • ​New Product Ideation
  • ​Project Planning
  • ​Market Viability
  • ​Project Prioritization
  • ​Portfolio Planning
  • ​Strategic Planning
  • ​Technology Roadmap
20 Years and Multi-Industry Experience
- Active In The Development of Over 200 Products

- Implemented New Product Development Processes in Multiple Manufacturing Companies

- Launched Product in the Sporting Goods, Aerospace, Medical Device, Safety Equipment and Power Electronics Industries
When You Get Your Copy Of "Identifying a Winning Product Framework"(For Just $7.00)
You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - Creating Winning Product Specifications
"How to Define the Specifications of Your Product Upfront..."
Total Value: $197
Learn how to define all of your products specifications in a manner that adds real value to your customers while still insuring that your team remains focused on completing your product on-time, on budget, and at their highest quality. 
Get This For FREE When You Order 'Identifying a Winning Product' Today! 
Bonus #2 - Creating a Realistic Project Timeline
"No More Missed Deadlines..."
Total Value: $197
Learn how to create a timeline that manages risk and is achievable while still being aggressive for the rapid deployment of your new product. 
Get This For FREE When You Order 'Identifying a Winning Product' Today! 
Bonus #3 - Creating a Budget that Works
"Know and Control Your Money..."
Total Value: $97
Learn how to make a realistic budget, one where you are not just throwing money at a project but still allowing for a successful product launch. 
Get This For FREE When You Order 'Identifying a Winning Product' Today! 
Bonus #4 - Prioritizing Projects
"Fix Your Resource Problem..."
Total Value: $297
Learn how to manage the biggest wastes in the Product Development process, prioritize you projects, and set your team up for success. 
Get This For FREE When You Order 'Identifying a Winning Product' Today! 
There Is NO CATCH!
"After watching and being part of companies that have been forced to layoff employees because of the absence of growth, innovation and new products, I want to help as many people and companies succeed at bringing their products to market and by grasping these important lessons. I am looking to working together with you on future projects."
Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
~This opportunity won't last forever, and given the average length of any new product development you are going to want to get rolling on this as early as possible.~ 
Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
~If after 30 days you don't feel like you have gained anything from these lessons just email me for a 100% money back guarantee.~
You Must Act Fast!
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order My Identifying a Winning Product Framework.
You Could Get The Script That Has Made Me More Money Than Anything Else I've Ever Done In This Business.
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  Instant Access To Identifying a Winning Product  (Value $497)
  Access To Creating Winning Product Specifications (Value $97)
  Instant Access Creating Realistic Project Timeline (Value $97)
  Creating a Budget That Works  (Value $97)
  Prioritizing Projects (Value $297)
Total Value: $1,085
Today Just $7
Thank you for your interest in my Identifying a Winning Product Framework. Your ability to successfully develop and launch your product is important to me as well as the future jobs you will be creating. Your impact and innovation is exciting and I am glad to be a part of it! 

Thanks again,
Mike Hill
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:
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There's no catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.
In fact, if you don't love the framework - I'll even refund your $7.
So, Click the button below to get your FRAMEWORK now. You won't regret it.
YES Mike! Give Me Instant Access To 'Identifying a Winning Product' RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
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Everything Your Going To Get
  • Instant Access To Identifying a Winning Product Framework (Value $497)
  • Full Access To Create Winning Product Specifications (Value $97)
  • Instant Access To Creating Realistic Project Timelines (Value $97)
  • ​Access To a Budget that Works (Value $97)
  • Prioritizing Projects (Value $297)
Total Value: $1,085
Today Just $7

ONE TIME OFFER - Only $27: Get all of the digital templates for planning your product development. Templates include the product specification, project timeline or Gantt chart, and budget template. Follow along with these templates as you work through the bonus videos.

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